Case Study - Royal Veterinary College

Case Study - Royal Veterinary College

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Buzzeasy implements contact center solution for numerous departments of RVC.

“Buzzeasy is an excellent solution; it has all of the features you’d expect in a modern contact center solution. It’s one of the best priced solutions on the market and combine that with the excellent support, I would absolutely recommend Buzzeasy. ”

David Maruta, CIO at Royal Veterinary College


RVC Challenges

  • Moving away from legacy system
  • Complex setup
  • Needed one system to service different departments, users
  • Cost

Buzzeasy Benefits

  • Great value for cost
  • Dedicated team for implementation and onboarding
  • Numerous features to support unique needs per department


When RVC decided it was time to migrate their telephony systems to the cloud, they knew they had to select the right solution because of their complex internal setup and requirement for secure access.


Buzzeasy worked with RVC on a phased roll-out to support the needs of each division while adjusting the changing scope and requirements as necessary. Due to the nature of their business, we onboarded one group at a time ensuring proper coordination and management. Tenant separation was chosen so that each hospital was independent with no cross visibility or access privileges. In addition to using the voice channel, customers can reach most of the hospitals through webchat. Buzzeasy's IVR solution fetches the customer identifier from RVC's CRM database, which is used for the popup of contact details within the Buzzeasy Agent Application, ensuring consistent contact history by enabling Agents to have all previous interactions accessible in a thread independent of the channel the customer used to access RVC. Buzzeasy also implemented the Buzzeasy Agent and Supervisor Floating Dashboards, which are customized to provide individual team statistics. Additionally, extended callback functionality was enabled for queues, offering callbacks after a certain wait time threshold is met. An Emergency queue was also configured, ensuring that emergency cases are handled with priority.


Cost - Buzzeasy provides an affordable solution for those looking to extend their Microsoft Teams investment.

Support - The professional and dedicated Buzzeasy team is there every step of the way.

Ease of Onboarding - Our experts will work with you to ensure the platform integrates with your current systems and each user is well trained. 

Agility and Flexibility - With Buzzeasy, RVC is able to adapt to the changing environment including their switch to remote work during the pandemic.

Enhanced Customer Service - With Buzzeasy, RVC could integrate with their other CRM systems which enabled a more efficient customer experience. 

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