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Revolutionize your contact center and drive more meaningful customer experiences with the innovative power of omni-channel technology.


What is Omni-Channel?

An omni-channel contact center solution is a cloud-based software that integrates business communications across all channels to a single, unified platform. These contact centers support nearly every type of communication channel, including email, call, text, and social media.

Simply put, omni-channel is the gold standard for contact center solutions.

Bringing contact centers into the digital age, omni-channel solutions simultaneously capture, collect, and store all customer interactions – including transaction and conversation histories. With all communications synced to a single platform, companies can offer a seamless customer service experience, even if users change their preferred channels. This same innovation also allows agents to offer a more personalized customer experience with a reduced resolution time.

Along with providing expedited customer support, omni-channel solutions drive greater agent productivity by automatically connecting representatives with the optimal customer – a functionality improved by AI bots, which frees representatives for more complex requests. With all communications housed in one platform, idle and switch times are all but non-existent.


Ahead of the Curve

Deliver the experiences that today’s customers expect through fully-integrated omni-channel platforms.

In today’s digital world, consumers want more.

When it comes to customer support, personalized communications, seamless access, and timely responses are now expectations, not just preferences. Non-linear interactions with businesses are the norm. The bar is higher now and contact centers of the past simply cannot reach it.

Long call queues are unacceptable.

The successor to multi-channel contact centers, omni-channel solutions allow companies to manage all channels from a single, comprehensive platform. Putting an end to siloed channels, customer service teams can finally offer exemplary support regardless of the consumer’s preferred method of communication. By leveraging advanced integrations and seamlessly synced channels, businesses can offer the personalized, timely customer service experiences that consumers demand.

Revolutionize your customer support experience with omni-channel.

Drive your contact center’s digital transformation with cutting-edge innovations like interactive voice response, Natural Language Processing and Generation, CRM integrations, speech recognition, and more.

Contact Centers Compared


  • Channel centric design
  • Grows customer engagement
  • Standard forecasting data
  • Siloed communication channels
  • Limited customization options

By the Numbers

Companies with strong omnichannel customer engagement have a 9.5% year-over-year increase in annual revenue.
Source from
Omni-channel users have a 91% higher customer retention rate compared to traditional contact center users.

Source from

90% of customers expect their interactions to be consistent across all channels.

Source from

Unmatched Advantages


Maximized Agent Efficiency

Improve resolution times, reduce idle periods, and provide real-time feedback for your agents.


Multi-Channel Management

Seamlessly switch between communication channels to offer a more responsive and personalized customer experience.


Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Leverage standard and advanced BI reports for in-depth forecasting and analysis – internal and external.


Improved Customer Experiences

Provide your customers with consistent, quick, and personalized customer service experiences across their preferred channels.


Mitigation and Prevention

Use customer feedback to identify and resolve points of friction before they grow into problematic issues.

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