Transform Microsoft Teams into an Omni-Channel Contact Center

Drive customer satisfaction with improved agent efficiency using Buzzeasy.
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Designed for Microsoft Teams - Including Standard Integrations

Deliver an effortless customer service experience

Along with multi-channel management, Buzzeasy pushes contact center efficiency to new heights. In providing agents with the ability to serve more customers, our solution enables organizations to provide support to more users than ever before – lowering costs while increasing satisfaction.

Combining efficiency with exemplary customer services, Buzzeasy’s cloud-based solution empowers companies to nurture long-term customers into brand loyalists.



Companies with strong omni-channel engagement see a 9.5% year-over-year increase in annual revenue.


A Fully-Featured Contact Center Solution

Leveraging Microsoft Teams’ familiar user interface, Buzzeasy’s contact center solution maximizes agent productivity for both office and remote operations.

Buzzeasy is more than just a Microsoft Teams extension.

Cloud-based, our omni-channel solution enables users to:


Manage multiple channels


Utilize custom APIs


Provide an exemplary customer support experience

Increase Your Contact Center Efficiency With Core Applications


Agent Application

Chat with customers, handle inbound and outbound calls, and check daily performance.

Supervisor Dashboard

Monitor agent work and manage their status, listen to or join ongoing conversations, change agent attributes on the fly, and provide coaching.

Admin Portal

Configure your communication channels, define the conversation workflow including auto-attendant and routing rules, and set up your teams and agents.

Contact History

Safely document and store every point of contact across all channels.

Real-Time Wallboard

Run fully digital, customizable wallboards with real-time metrics to increase operational performance.

Reporting Insights

Analyze your key performance indicators and compare your trends using PowerBI.

Improve Your Customer Satisfaction With Our Core Features


Smart Routing

Leverage AI and caller activity data to prioritize and route customers to the best available agents.


Self Service

Provide your customers the timely support they need with chatbots and AI – available 24/7.


Multi-Channel Engagement

Manage digital chat features across all platforms - including email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and more - from a single contact center solution.


Proactive Reach

Leverage the cloud to jump between communication channels, connect agents with outbound opportunities, and provide employees the freedom to work from anywhere.


360˚ Journey

See every part of the customer journey in real time with a unified view across all channels – regardless of how they make contact.


Performance Monitoring

Monitor operational performance from a single dashboard with Power BI reporting, real time analytics, and KPI analysis.


Change On-Demand Workflows

Customise the workflow on-demand to optimise your contact center's customer experience.


Call Recording

Automatically record, save, and store all calls in order to help improve future customer support.


Salesforce Sidebar

Provides all the tools contact center supervisors need when managing quality assurance projects.

Standard and Custom Reporting Options

Create fully customizable reports or use existing templates to communicate relevant KPIs, real time analytics, and more.


Buzzeasy Integrations

Implement customizations that fit your businesses needs with API-first architecture.

Cultivate brand loyalty

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Connect Across Every Channel

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Whether inbound or outbound communications Buzzeasy makes it better



Delivering consistent service levels and accelerating response times, Buzzeasy routes conversations across your channels to the best suited agent and continuously measures the performance of the customer support desk to improve even further.



Whether that be rescuing online registrations, or responding back to queries - connecting to customers on their preferred channel improves the connect rate and the customer satisfaction.

My team and I had a great experience using this chatbot. It was very easy to implement and to customize. The support we received from the Geomant/Buzzeasy team was incredible. They are a great team with a great offering. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to create better experiences and engagement. “

Dalton Howell - Portfolio Director for Fortem International

Guiding Your Contact Center’s Digital Transformation

Along with a best-in-class omni-channel solution, Buzzeasy offers a full range of services to ensure its users maximize their contact centers.

Among the most popular are Buzzeasy’s planning, migration, and system integration services – assisting companies in navigating the Digital Transformation. Led by communication platform experts, organizations can confidently plan the transition of their contact center solution – including the safe transfer of all relevant data.

With additional teams dedicated to the onboarding, implementation, and support of users, Buzzeasy offers a complete solution.

Manage your contact center in confidence with Geomant.

Instant Awareness. Informed Action

Buzzeasy is a subsidiary of Geomant – a well-established, innovative Software Developer and Systems Integrator.

With offices across the globe and certified by leading technology providers including Avaya, Microsoft, and Cisco, Geomant specializes in solutions that improve efficiency, optimize the workforce, and strengthen the operations of a contact center whether remote, hybrid, or in the center. For over 20 years, we have delivered the right innovative, high-quality solutions that leverage and extend your existing communication investment and strategies so that you can provide the ultimate customer interaction experience.

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