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Focus on growing your customer base while Buzzeasy handles the rest – implementation, support, and all.


  • System Integrators or Service Providers – Microsoft Direct Routing
  • System Integrators – Contact Center Technology
  • Consulting Companies – Microsoft Ecosystem
  • Consultant with Vertical Expertise (MVPs)

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Ride the Digital Transformation’s Largest Wave since Web 2.0

With the growth of cloud-based solutions and the rising Digital Transformation, the traditional PBX contact center is all but extinct.

As the Digital Transformation drives forward, Buzzeasy Partners can tie themselves with Microsoft Teams’ unprecedented growth.


Since April of 2020, the platform has seen their user base grow by over 260%.


Grossing $6.8 billion in 2020 and ballooning to 270 million daily users in December of 2021.


Microsoft Teams is forecasted to reach nearly $11 billion in revenue by 2027.


Buzzyeasy propels contact centers forward by leveraging the market-dominating Microsoft Teams solution.

Building on the multi-billion dollar unified communications platform, Buzzeasy provides an unmatched, cost-effective omni-channel software.

Unlike older contact center software, agents can have access to all the same channels, features, internal chat functions – regardless of department or role.

By providing them a seamless messaging platform and putting information directly at their fingertips, agents no longer need to be reliant on call transfers and forwardings.

But that’s not all…

Companies with strong omnichannel customer engagement see a 9.5% year-over-year increase in annual revenue, compared to 3.4% for weak omnichannel companies.

Unprecedented Partner Benefits

  • Tiered discount structure
  • Joint marketing fund opportunities
  • Technical, pre-sales, and sales training
  • In-house customer support
  • Assistance for sales and pre-sales activities
  • Inbound marketing support
  • Lab and demonstration systems
  • Expert-led resource academy

A Reseller Program Like No Other

Unmatched Professional Support

Unmatched Professional Support

With an in-house team trained to lead customer onboarding, implementation, and support, Buzzeasy enables partners to do what they do best: sell.

A Geomant subsidiary, Buzzeasy offers unmatched industry experience and an expert-led resource academy.


Endless Opportunities

As a Teams solution, Buzzeasy gives your customers direct access to Microsoft’s extensive catalog of cloud solutions.

Package Buzzeasy with your current portfolio and other Microsoft offerings to further serve your customer base, as well as attract new clients.


270 Million Prospects and Counting

Harness the unmatched popularity of Microsoft Teams and offer a premier contact center solution to over 270 million daily users.

As Microsoft continues to push its flagship brand, Partners can expect an endless stream of prospective customers.

Buzzeasy Helps Build Brand Loyalists

Offer more to your customers than just another contact center solution

Our contact center solution


Enables businesses to provide first-class client support


Facilitates more personal interactions


Identifies issues anywhere within the customer journey

Cultivate brand loyalty with Buzzeasy

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As we address the rapidly growing shift toward customer-centricity across many industries, our great Partner relationships are critical to our success. Partners extend and improve our ability to deliver optimized customer interaction solutions. We strive for excellence in our Partner Program and are committed to shared success in the market. “

Mari Mitchell - President and COO Geomant Americas

Eye-Catching Features


Smart Routing

Segments, prioritizes, and routes customers to the best available agents by leveraging AI and caller activity data.


Performance Monitoring

Monitor operational performance from a single dashboard with Power BI reporting, real time analytics, and KPI analysis.


Multi-Channel Management

Manage digital chat features across all platforms - including email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and more - from a single contact center solution.


360˚ Journey

See every part of the customer journey in real time with a unified view across all channels – regardless of how they make contact.