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Buzzeasy is a cloud-based, AI-powered customer service platform designed to revolutionize how businesses interact with their customers. 

Expand Your Market Offering with Buzzeasy

Integrate Buzzeasy to enrich your cloud offerings, enabling clients to optimize every customer touchpoint across multiple channels. Partner with us for competitive advantages, including advanced support and increased revenue opportunities through proven customer experience solutions.
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AI-Powered. New Highs Unlocked

Buzzeasy enables organizations to maximize their contact center’s efficiency while delivering exemplary customer service. It offers a comprehensive suite of features that enhance communication, provide insightful analytics, and empower agents with advanced tools to deliver exceptional customer service. All of this is empowered by AI capabilities to unleash new operational highs.

Leverage your existing CX Stack

AI-Powered Efficiency

AI features, like Agent Assist and Chatbot, streamline interactions, ensuring customers get the right information quickly and accurately.

Insightful Analytics

Integration with CRM and Microsoft BI provides valuable insights, aiding businesses in making informed decisions to enhance customer service strategies.

Unified Communication

Consolidate all customer communication channels into one intuitive interface, enhancing efficiency and reducing operational complexity.

Cloud-Based Flexibility

Remote working support, easy scalability, and enhanced business continuity appeal to modern businesses' needs.

The Buzzeasy product allows our clients to leverage their investment into Microsoft Teams and allows customer service to be part of their company-wide communication strategy. The Buzzeasy team is a pleasure to work with and provides 1st class support as and when required. “

Simon Nakra - Sales and Marketing Director Conversant Technology

Industry-wide. Ready to deliver.

Local Governments

You can improve agent efficiency and customer satisfaction by providing agents access to the information they need, tracking important history about the customer journey, and delivering personalized experiences.


The most significant benefit of combining CRM and contact center technology is it allows for a natural flow of data and knowledge between you and your team members. Look for an integration solution that enables automated data synchronization according to your specific needs.

IT Helpdesk

Enriching call handling controls and digital interaction capabilities with a CRM’s data instantly streamlines the process of delivering meaningful, contextual experiences to customers. Most importantly, your agent can spend less time switching between tools to complete essential tasks.

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